Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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“Providing public safety radio and cellular services throughout the building by leveraging our existing fiber-optic investments and getting away from the traditional coax-based DAS was important to us. For the EMS radio frequency, we’re covering areas we never have before, which gives us a lot of peace of mind given today’s security concerns. We also provided increased cell coverage and got many thanks from people in the lower levels of the building who had never had cellular coverage before,”

Jim Rawley, Network Systems & Security Lead, City of Bellevue, United States

We have deployed Zinwave’s DAS in numerous projects because it essentially allows us to provide our customers with a “wireless highway” from which they can run multiple services, irrespective of the frequency, over a single platform. It is unique in its ability to support all cellular frequencies, such as GSM and UMTS, as well as closed networks, over a single hardware layer making it completely future-proof.

Maurits Zandbergen, Radio Access BV, Netherlands

Flexibility, scalability and easy deployment are key to all our installations and Zinwave's DAS offers all of this. In addition, its ability to support all existing services as well as new ones on the same hardware layer makes it compelling to our customers because it eliminates the need for expensive rebuilds or upgrades.

Daren Teng, Director, ROOTS Communications Pte Ltd, Singapore

The Zinwave system offered great flexibility and was easy to install. Its simple architecture and multi-frequency support enabled us to integrate UEFA’s two-way radio system onto the overall DAS without affecting performance or signal output. During the Euro2012 opening ceremony it became apparent that our installation was the only one that provided reliable coverage underground. Zinwave’s DAS therefore played an important role during the tournament - acting as the “lifebuoy” for all critical radio and public safety communications.

Konstantyn Lubenec, CEO, Dolya & Co, Ukraine

When deploying cellular coverage across multiple carrier networks and multiple services, Zinwave’s system has provided us with the most cost effective solution. Thanks to Zinwave’s 3000 DAS, we have designed and installed a wireless coverage system relatively quickly and with ease. These factors played a key part in our decision-making process when looking at the best solution for our project with Harpa Concert Hall and Convention Centre.

Hjalti Jón Kjartansson, IAV, Reykjavik, Iceland

RFI has been involved in many high profile roll-outs, and we are particularly proud of the results achieved in this Westfield project using the Zinwave 3000 system in-building coverage solution. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Zinwave product in a high profile, multi-service environment

Steve Jacques, Managing Director, RFI, Australia