Providing enhanced in-building wireless services to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Longer life expectancies and a growing global population are pushing medical resources to the limit and there is intensifying pressure on the healthcare industry to look at new ways to boost efficiency. Many leading hospitals are embracing wireless technology and in-building wireless coverage as a means to achieve this.

Wireless services could include;

Wireless Medical Technology Services (WMTS)

Wireless medical technology has advanced significantly in the last few years and continues to gain pace. As well as providing comfort and mobility to patients, wireless medical telemetry devices allow hospitals to better manage resources and improve medical efficiency and practices. Services include:

  • Ambulatory vital signs monitoring
  • Wireless cardiogram sensors
  • Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID) with real-time presence
  • VoIP communications

Commercial cellular communications

Smartphone technology has changed the communications landscape. Patients, visitors and healthcare professionals expect to be able communicate with families, friends and colleagues as part of current government guidelines on cell phone usage in hospital buildings.

Public Safety Communications

Hospitals are obliged to optimize wireless coverage throughout their facilities, not just in A&E or the main entry points, for health and safety purposes. Ensuring the safety of patients, staff and third-party contractors while on hospital premises has become critical, and the consequences can be serious if this is not achieved.

The Benefits of Enhanced Wireless Coverage

  • A wire-free patient bedside with continuous patient monitoring and mobility
  • Improved crash response times
  • Better communication between doctors, nursing and administration staff as well as patients and their families
  • Cell phones operate on reduced power and minimize any interference
  • Police, fire, and paramedic wireless service available throughout the hospital
  • No paging and messaging dead-spots
  • Secure environment through ubiquitous public safety coverage
  • WMTS provision for all wireless technology services
  • Optimized ICT and reduced operational costs
  • Selective streaming of services to certain areas within the hospital

However, hospitals must overcome many challenges to ensure optimal in-building wireless coverage. Different building shapes and specialist construction materials significantly impede the penetration of RF signals. Poor signal, and wireless black spots could ultimately lead to dangerous lapses in patient monitoring and communication systems.

The Solution

Our unique Wideband Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) removes many of the traditional issues and considerations associated with delivering multiple in-building wireless services. It provides ubiquitous coverage for all services in an install once solution. In addition, services can easily be routed to the areas where they are needed. Hospital wards, for example, can be limited to voice services only for patient privacy reasons, whereas 4G hotspots can be created in pre-designated communal areas.

Zinwave DAS – key highlights

  • Wideband – supports any service mix, protocol or modulation scheme between 150MHz-2700MHz, including MIMO
  • Future-proof – to satisfy existing and future requirements
  • Install once solution - No infrastructure upgrades or cabling overhauls needed, delivering the lowest total-cost-of-ownership
  • Low component count – facilitating deployment and reducing design, commissioning and support costs
  • Flexible - Only active DAS to support all cellular and all public safety bands on a SINGLE hardware layer
  • Major MNO approved - install safe in the knowing the carriers will connect
  • Unparalleled service and engineering support- the most responsive supplier in the industry offering shortest lead times
  • Global sales and support capability - Vastly experienced regional sales and support teams
  • Fiber based – low cost, low weight, low space solution that provides integrated support for LBS, Wi-Fi and other IP devices

One solution, one system for all your wireless needs...

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