Why Zinwave?

80% of all wireless communications is initiated in-building

Enterprise and facilities owners in all market sectors need in-building coverage solutions that can cost effectively support all wireless frequencies. They need to support LTE services over MIMO networks, as well as provide backward compatibility for legacy services and technologies. They also need to facilitate reusing frequency bands to improve capacity and the dynamics are constantly changing as a result of spectrum refarming.

While the structural attributes of modern buildings enable building owners/managers achieve sustainable development targets and reduce their carbon footprint, they significantly impede the transmission of commercial cellular, public safety and private mobile radio (PMR) services.

Why choose Zinwave?

Our unique Wideband Active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) removes many of the historical issues associated with delivering multiple in-building wireless services. It provides ubiquitous coverage for all commercial and public safety services as well as integrated support for IP services in a one layer, integrated solution.

Our wideband DAS supports any combination of services and frequencies, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme, between 150MHz - 2700MHz on a single hardware layer and removes the need for complex, multi-layer infrastructures. It also facilitates refarming of different frequencies.

Patented technology expertise

With patented technologies drawn from world-leading research groups at Cambridge University (UK) and University College London (UK), we are the only company globally that is able to utilize the full capability of multi-mode fiber (MMF) to propagate wideband wireless signals over large distances.

Without our technology and expertise it is only possible to provide multi-service coverage by carrying out disruptive and expensive re-cabling fit-outs using single-mode optical fiber, or by installing multiple coverage solutions, each with limited spectrum or application capabilities.