UNIconnect POI

UNIconnect  Zinwave's active Point of Interface (POI) device

UNIconnect is a compact, space saving active Point of Interface (PoI) device that sits at the head-end between the MNO’s base station and Zinwave’'s DAS. It simplifies connectivity to multiple base stations, repeaters or radio heads by removing the need for custom-built multi-component interfaces for each implementation.

UNiconnect provides all standard head-end functionality, including filtering, attenuation, combining/splitting plus an active element which offers overload protection and dynamic control. UNIconnect permits up to two sets of four RF sources combined into two outputs (4-1 maximum), within a single 5U rack mount chassis.

UNIconnect enhances system management, speeds up deployment and improves overall quality of service while ensuring optimal coverage at all times in all building types.

UNIconnect Key features

  • RF channels (Duplex or Simplex)
  • High power attenuation
  • Power meter on downlink
  • Overload protection & alarming
  • Signal conditioning
  • Independent variable attenuators
  • 4-1 combiner/splitter block
  • Monitoring on downlink and uplink
  • Control interface module

System benefits

  • Ease of installation
  • Reduced install and commissioning time
  • Improved link reliability – less on site error
  • Low cost solution