Professional Services

Professional Services

Our customers are key to our success and we take pride in delivering a personalized service to all Zinwave users, which is why a growing number of building owners make us their first choice for in-building wireless coverage.

Our ultimate goal is to supply our clients with future-proof DAS technology that meets the diverse requirements of different building types, and to provide optimal coverage for commercial cellular, public safety, private mobile radio services and Wi-Fi services on a single, install once solution.

We offer a full suite of turnkey service options, so you can choose to have as much or as little help as you need to successfully implement your in-building project. Explore this section to find out more about the pre and post installation services we offer.

Design and planning services

Project Survey

At the start of any project we carry out a number of detailed surveys to evaluate the expected in-building loss characteristics, so we can accurately predict your RF coverage needs. These include:

  • RF path loss survey – to gauge path loss characteristics using a test transmitter and receiver
  • Existing coverage survey – to provide an accurate mapping of all commercial and public safety signal levels within the building
  • Detailed site survey – including floor plans, equipment locations, existing  cabling to identify potential signal impairments and blind spots

RF Design

Once we understand the RF environment we produce an accurate RF design using our unique coverage tool, so we can be sure our IBW solution meets all your specified coverage and capacity requirements in a single installation. Our RF design service includes:

  • Coverage and capacity predictions (based on IBWave vex files)
  • Detailed bill-of-materials - including Zinwave and third-party components
  • Service propagation -  shown as a ‘heat map’ to provide a graphical representation of the expected coverage for different services

Installation Design

Our installation design service verifies your system architecture, proposed equipment locations, antenna layouts, cable routing, network topology and the final bill of materials, to ensure successful deployment.

Installation services

Commissioning & Site Acceptance

We provide a full range of commissioning services to ensure a successful deployment of your DAS investment, including:

  • System audit –  to ensure configuration is optimized and that the DAS is performing to your published specifications
  • Acceptance Testing  - Using our advanced diagnostic tools we accurately measure power outputs and service coverage to make sure your system is performing in line with your design specifications
  • Jurisdictional approvals and authorizations -  from MNOs, wireless service providers and public safety authorities