Zinwave Joins Wilson Electronics; Becomes Leader in U.S. In-Building Wireless.

The Airport
DAS Solution

Keep Passengers And Employees Happy By Keeping Them Connected

Airports are all about connection—connecting loved ones, connecting businesses to clients, and connecting travelers to the next flight. To make these connections, travelers often rely on cellular connectivity. Whether they are making business calls between flights or notifying someone of their arrival via text message, they need a reliable indoor cellular signal. Travelers also need the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can call for help from anywhere—a public concourse or a parking garage—if it is ever needed. And, it’s not just passengers who benefit from reliable indoor cellular coverage, it is also employees and first responders. Airports are sprawling places; cell phones and private radio networks are critical for keeping workers connected. Moreover, first responders need dependable access to public safety frequencies during critical situations. However, ensuring a reliable connection indoors is difficult without the right technology—a distributed antenna system from Zinwave provides that connectivity.

Why Choose Zinwave?

Zinwave are leading the way with the latest innovative, streamlined DAS platform developed to meet in-building cellular and public safety connectivity needs.

Our Solution provides the most cost-effective, most flexible, and highest quality solution on the market. With up to 80% space savings and 17% energy efficiency, a built-in power supply for fewer parts and a universal mounting bracket for easier installation!  


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Queen Alia

As Jordan’s gateway to the world, Queen Alia serves more than 6 million people annually. The officials at Queen Alia knew they needed the right infrastructure to serve so many passengers and employees. They needed Zinwave.

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